RECENT EXHIBITIONS


                          Festival-Hericane Caroline "Women In The  Arts"  Exhibit   

                                              Saskatoon, Canada

                             -Vernissage - Utställning-Sandareds Bibliotek/Galleri

                                             Sandared, Sweden

                              -Vårsalong - Kristinebergs Bibliotek/Galleri 


                              -Utställning -Fristads Missionskyrka Café/Galleri 

                                             Fristad, Sweden

                              -Utställning - Kristinebergs Bibliotek/Galleri 


                              -Vårsalong - Kristinebergs Bibliotek/Galleri 


                              -Art Club Exhibit and Auction -  Nexans

                                             Grimsas, Sweden (both 2010 and 2011)

                             - Utställning   Cultural Planning Bibliotek- Norrby

                                               Borås, Sweden

   Born in London, Ontario, Canada. Jackie Ohlsen  attended the 3 Year Fine Arts Program at Fanshawe College.

She studied regular academic artistic courses, such as Art History, Painting and Design 
Theory,Photography, Woodworking, Glass Blowing, and Artistic Metal Work.  Jackie also had intensive
practcal hands on classes, where the instructors were also well known contemporary artists such as
Don Bonham of New York and Mick Durham Of London. Her work was shown in the Graduating Class Exhibit
at the MacIntosh Gallery, London.

  Her recent works have been exhibited in galleries in Canada and Sweden and are currently 
displayed in private collections in New York, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia and Sweden.  



   ________                                                 AWARDSPai

             Borås, Sweden 2012 -  Cultural Prize Awarded

          by the City of Borås, and Bostäder Borås  

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