A Brief History Of The Artist




 Born in London, Ontario, Canada. Jackie grew up in rural Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron. Later she moved to London  and attended the 3 Year Fine Arts Program at Fanshawe College, Oxford Street in London. After graduating, Jackie moved to Saskatoon Saskatchewan. During that period she worked with freelance artistic pursuits and commissioned painting.


Above: Detail of a watercolour study from College sketchbook.

Below: Jackie in Fanshawe College Fine Art work room with some of her designs. She studied regular Academic Artistic Courses, such as Art History, Painting and Design Theory,Photography, Woodworking, Glass Blowing, and Artistic Metal Work. Jackie also had Intensive Practical Hands on Classes where the Instructors were also well known contemporary artists such as Don Bonham of New York and Mick Durham Of London.  Her work was shown in the Graduating Class Exhibit at the MacIntosh Gallery, London. Her recent works have been exhibited in galleries in Canada and Sweden
and are displayed in private collections in New York, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Australia and Sweden. 

                               Below, Watercolour of a rose painted during college period. 

 In 2001 Jackie was a participant as a visual artist in the "HERicane Caroline Tribute To Women In History", a festival of Canadian women in all aspects of the arts .......Visual, Performing, Musical and  Literary.  Below is a poster from the festival  event presented by The 25th Street Theatre Center in Saskatoon, Canada.

                                      Jackie is accepting commissioned work at this time.

                                              See contact information on Page1. Hem

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